FTM Prosthetics

Prosthetics represent the luxury end of FTM packers, where realism and functionality meet to create a packer that's so refined that it earns the medical prosthetic classification.

FTM prosthetics are being made by a growing number of companies in North America and around the world, so options abound. As these are more expensive purchases however, be sure to take your time and be thorough in your research before buying a prosthetic. Check general packer details such as size and color, along with ordering variables such as production time, shipping time and refund/return policies.

Depending on brand and model, you'll find FTM Prosthetics that offer dual use, "pack and play" functionality (they can be used for packing and sex), STP functionality, un-circumsized look, hand-painted detailing, and other custom features.

You will spend more money on a prosthetic over a more standard FTM packer, but the difference between the budget packers and top of the line prosthetics is considerable.

  • Lola.Jake David

    Lola.Jake David

  • Lola.Jake

    Lola.Jake Sam Plus

    $400 - $450
  • Emisil Prosthetics

    Emisil Prosthetics

  • FTM Prosthetics

    Camouflage Prosthetics

  • Like Real

    Like Real

  • Reelmagik


  • t2-Prosthetics


  • The Ultimate Prosthetic

    The Ultimate Prosthetic

  • Complete Man

    Complete Man

  • 100 Prosthetics

    100 Prosthetics

  • Ego PAI by Biomimetics

  • EC Prosthetics Packer

    EC Prosthetics (formerly ErotiCreations)

  • FreeToM Prosthetics

    FreeToM Prosthetics

  • Sinthetics


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