Packer Gear Packers

Sam STP Packer Sam STP Packer - New York Toy Collective
$9.70 - $10.19

Packer Gear Packers are a newer entry in the budget packer realm. Made from ultra life-like "Pure Skin" material, these packers are squeezable and feature realistic detailing.

Packer Gear Packers are a newer entry in the budget packer realm. Made from ultra life-like "Pure Skin" material, these packers are squeezable and feature realistic detailing.

Size-wise, Packer Gear Packers are girthier than Mr. Limpy and MASHO packers and provide a good crotch bulge.

Packer Gear Packers can be work with snug briefs, a jockstrap or a packer harness. Wash with soap and water, air-dry and them dust to keep the Pure Skin from getting sticky after washing.

Currently available in Vanilla only.

Size: Medium 3.5" - 4"; Large 4.5 - 5".

Colors: Vanilla.

Materials: Pure Skin

Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties

Five Stars! 10 out of 10! Two thumbs up!
By Elijah Ray on February 19, 2016
If I could give this more stars, then I would! I was using the FreeToM 5" 4-in-1 prosthetic before I bought this, and HOLY CRAP WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The first thing I noticed about this product was how light weight it was compared to my other packer. My packer from FreeToM has to be 5 times heavier than this, which takes some getting used to when you're packing all of that on your groin. This packer though makes me feel like it's a realistic, complete part of me with no extra weight and the same look and feel FreeToM has.
The next thing I noticed was how soft a squishy this packer was. The silicon FreeToM's packers are made of make theirs a bit firmer and can get quite uncomfortable sometimes. I cannot get over how comfortable this packer is. It might be soft and squishy, but it fits well in my harness and it doesn't look like an obnoxious boner that I have to tame and keep under control. And this got to me wicked fast. I received it two days after my order was placed. Trust me , it's worth whatever money you have to pay to get this thing. Five stars! 10 out of 10! Two thumbs up! I was not disappointed!

Needs to be made out of better materials
By Monica Flatt on May 20, 2016
So I received this thing on February 27, I was really excited about receiving it in the mail. At the time for a month or so I didn't have a packer harness so about a few weeks ago I finally got one and started wearing it with the packer, kept it staying where it needed to and everything. Last night I picked it up from my bed and I noticed it had a giant gash in it right by the balls. I had it for 3 months, I'm really hoping that I'm able to fix it to where I can continue to wear it

By BD5 on May 3, 2015
Real feel, life like. Light weight. Non irritating. No smell. A little tacky but gives it the feel of moist skin. Fits nicely in boxers or briefs, with or without harness. The perfect 'swing' motion. I've recommended already and will be purchasing more.

yay great packer
By jessie on June 12, 2015
Vary cool, came hella fast in the mail really realistic nice weight to it, great price too, I would buy it again!, I only wish it was an STP, then it would be perfect, but its a good packer :) too bad they only come in 2 colors and 2 sizes glad I went with the 5 incher! Oh and it helps to coat it in flour or corn starch makes it not sticky

Kind of on the Bigger Side
By P.E.U. on June 7, 2016
I love this packer so much but it definitely is for someone who either wants a bigger package or is a bigger person in general. I'm petite and wear tight pants so I had to kind of tuck this back to make it look like I wasn't aroused! Great product though!

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