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How to Choose a Packer

Posted April 1, 2013

FTM Packers for saleWhether you're new to packing or you're a packing pro, there's a lot to consider when buying a new packer. This packer buying guide provides you with all the specs you'll need to streamline your buying decision.

Color is going to be one of your first considerations. While it's unlikely that you'll find a packer that will match your skin tone exactly, it's a given that Mr. Limpy's pink won't be universally suitable. The standard color range for packers is pink, vanilla, caramel, chocolate and coffee. (FTM prosthetics offer much more than packers in the area of color customization.)

Materials: Budget packers tend to be made from Cyberskin, a soft, squishy elastomer compound. Cyberskin makes a nice packer, though the low density, lightweight material isn't that durable. Silicone packers are mid- to high-priced, and are heavier and longer lasting than Cyberskin packers. Silicone packers are body safe and can be boiled to sterilize. Prosthetics are also made from silicone blends.

Size will play a big role in packer selection since this packer will be an extension of your gender expression. Penises come in all shapes and sizes, and size isn't dictated by overall body shape, so you can't use your body size to estimate your penis size. If you've never packed before, it's not that easy to foretell what size will feel most comfortable. It's recommended that you buy on the small side to start (since too small will be a more familiar problem to deal with than too big.)

Functionality: Do you need a plain packer, STP packer, or dual use packer? If you just need an everyday packer, your options are wide open. For STP packers, consider the packer itself and the type of tubing and recepticle. For dual use packers that can be worn as a packer and used for penetrative sex, look to FTM prosthetics.

FTM Packers for salePrice: The price tag on a packer is going to be a very important purchase criteria. Budget packers are available for under $30 (and as little as $11), while silicone packers are in the $40-60 range. Prosthetics cost anywhere from $200 – $1600 depending on make and model.

Vendors: Though it's likely a lesser factor, your loyalty to a favorite vendor or their location may impact the packer you choose to buy. For example, if your local LGBT-friendly sex shop stocks packers, you may be inclined to purchase the model they have, instead of that new model you saw elsewhere online, simply because you want to support them. Vendor location plays a more important role since it greatly influences shipping costs.

Payment Options: When you're ready to buy a packer, consider the payment options available from each vendor as this may influence your buying decision. Credit cards will be the most common payment type, but some vendors also offer PayPal payments, which offer added flexibility and buyer safeguards.

When you're ready to buy a packer, keep these six packer buying factors in mind and your decision will be closer to being made than you think.

What's important to you when buying a new packer? Leave a comment below.

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